Travel Health

In the case of travel insurance, the insurant is the person who makes the insurance contract and bears the responsibility of paying the premium; the insured is the person or persons who benefit from the insurance, who will travel, whose name is in the policy.

Travel insurance is generally available to anyone between the ages of 18 and 65. The insurance company can also insure people over the age limit it applies by taking extra premiums.

Even if the risks stated in the policy have been realized, no damage payment will be made due to the misrepresentation.

The costs of hospital, surgery, and treatment incurred in the event of an accident or illness due to a reason other than pre-existing or chronic diseases are covered under this insurance.

If the baggage is lost on scheduled flights and cannot be found within 24 hours of reaching the relevant destination, urgent personal needs are met on condition that the relevant airline keeps a missing report.

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