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The website you are visiting sitesi (the“Website”) is prepared and operated by OYAK GRUP SİGORTA ve Reasürans Brokerliği A.Ş.(OYAK GRUP SİGORTA). This website and all pages are subject to the Law of Intellectual Property Rights. All kinds of audio, video, information, documents, materials and all copyrights and other intellectual and industrial property rights related to the content belong to OYAK GRUP SİGORTA. Any person/entity may not use any part of our site on any other website or link to our site from any other website unless they have received prior written permission from OYAK GRUP SİGORTA.

You can get information about our services through the site pages and you can benefit from our services such as Individual and Corporate Insurance Management, Risk Management, Optimal Premium Research in Local and Global Markets, Comparative Proposal Study, Policy Management, Damage Management, Customer Service Management, Affinity projects. All information and content such as tables, graphics, announcements at our site are prepared by OYAK GRUP SİGORTA in accordance with the applicable legislation in order to provide information in general terms and you will be responsible for any use of this information. Changes in legislation and practice may affect the accuracy of the information on the website. OYAK GRUP SİGORTA is the sole authority to update, correct, modify or remove the information contained on the website and makes reasonable efforts to ensure that any content reflects the current situation.

OYAK GRUP SİGORTA is not responsible for any direct or indirect material/moral damages and costs arising from delays in updating or updating the content on the Web site, and possible errors, deficiencies or operations based on them, and any damages and costs incurred by third parties in any way.

Users may only use the content on the website for information purposes. The use or promotion, citation, copying, reproduction, modification, storage, adaptation, possession for commercial purposes of the information contained on this site, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, without the written permission of OYAK GRUP SİGORTA is prohibited.

OYAK GRUP SİGORTA does not accept any liability for damages and/or losses arising from transactions or inability to access the site based on any content contained in this website or any website accessed by linking from this site. The user shall be responsible for the actions taken in the light of the information contained therein. 

In case of disputes arising from the use of the site and the information contained in it, Turkish Legal Notice and Privacy texts will be taken as basis and OYAK GRUP SİGORTA will retain all legal rights in such case.


OYAK GRUP SİGORTA is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of its customers' information. Our goal is to protect the privacy of the personal information we receive from our customers and to ensure the security of the data provided. Within the framework of this objective, OYAK GRUP SİGORTA maintains its system infrastructure and internet offerings at the most reliable level and protects personal data in the best way within the scope of technical possibilities.

OYAK GRUP SİGORTA collects only the information it thinks is necessary to provide the services it offers, in addition to the information it must receive from its customers. Therefore, if you provide your private information during your visit to the pages of the website, this information will not be shared with a third party or company without your notice or consent or without legal obligation. 

OYAK GRUP SİGORTA ensures that the organizations from which it recieves service comply with the OYAK GRUP SİGORTA privacy agreement. In this respect, the protection of all content on the website from unauthorized access, misuse and alteration, corruption and destruction is handled meticulously within the framework of the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

OYAK GRUP SİGORTA, provides links and routers to websites administered by third parties; however does not control the content of these sites and makes no guarantee against damages that may arise from the use of these sites. 

OYAK GRUP SİGORTA is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages and costs that may arise from failure to access the website or any errors, interruptions, delay in the transmission of information, computer virus, line and/or system failure that may occur during the use of the site.

The Privacy Policy applies to this web site and OYAK GRUP SİGORTA is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may arise from entering and using the websites linked to this web site. 

OYAK GRUP SİGORTA reserves the right to make changes and updates to this content at all times without prior permission from users.

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