Our Quality Policy

OYAK Group Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc., one of the most reliable insurance and reinsurance companies in Turkey, aims to be the preferred leader Company of Turkey with its quality, trust and ownership of the business. It plans to achieve this goal by applying the principles of the quality management system.

Our Quality Policy;

  • To make our employees and customers feel that it is a privilege to work with OYAK Group Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc.,
  • To contribute to the professionalism of our team through training by meeting the demands of our customers and business partners in the best way possible,
  • To provide the highest quality service for the needs of our customers by enabling them to choose the most appropriate policy in line with the comparative offers we offer,
  • To be a pioneer in the sector by identifying ourselves with the confidence, quality, strength and respectability we have created,
  • To please our business partners and customers with our expert staff,
  • To meet the needs of our customers in the most effective way by keeping up with technological developments and to increase the quality of service,
  • Providing continuous training to our employees and ensuring that they are an integral part of our Quality Management System,
  • To be able to compete in domestic and global levels in line with our continuous improvement approach,
  • To ensure continuity in meeting the expectations of our customers in the purchasing and subsequent processes and to maintain their satisfaction,
  • To audit, review and revise our Quality Management System Policy annually, taking into account company requirements,

OYAK Group Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc. will not compromise the quality and trust it offers to its customers and will always keep the appreciation of its customers as a model insurance and brokerage company to move forward with sure steps. In this respect, it forms the basis of Quality Management System policy.

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