Foreign Health Insurance

According to the legislation effective as of April, 2013, foreigners who want to get a residence permit are obliged to have a private health insurance policy. Subject to this obligation, foreigners who will stay in Türkiye longer than the period provided by the visa or, for visa-exempted countries, longer than 90 days are required to get a residence permit, and to be able to get a residence permit, they are required to have an insurance policy issued by insurance companies operating in Türkiye. While it is possible to issue a private health insurance for one year for short-term, there are also some insurance companies which provide private health insurance for two years.

The lowest policy amount which should be covered by private health insurance has been announced by the Directorate General of Insurance under the Undersecretariat of Treasury. In that case, inpatient treatment expenses are covered in the contracted healthcare institutions without any limitation and with annual 20.000 TL limit and 20% insured’s contribution in non-contracted healthcare institutions.Outpatient treatment expenses are covered with annual 2000 TL and 40% insured’s contribution. (It is possible to have a policy with upper limits).

In addition, the policy should have the expression stating that ““Foreigner Health Insurance Policy covers the lowest policy amount determined in the Circular Relating Health Insurance Policies to be issued for Residence Permit Application dated 6/6/2014 and numbered 9.”

Note: It is not possible to terminate the policy after obtaining the residence permit. The policy can be terminated only under the following conditions:

  • If a new private health insurance which covers the residence period as per the circular is presented,
  • If the residence permit is canceled,
  • If a document showing that the insured is covered by the General Health Insurance pursuant to Law on Social Securities and General Health Insurance No. 5510.

In addition, general and special conditions which apply for the Turkish citizens in the health insurance policies are also valid for the private health insurance policies to be issued for the foreigners. To get more information, you can view private health insurance section.

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