Group Health Insurance

  • Group health insurance is a special type of health insurance that is preferred in many companies and communities today. We offer this insurance system to our customers, which have many advantages in cases where a certain number of people come together and collectively take out private health insurance. These groups can be formed by a combination of non-governmental organizations, trade union members or employees of companies. In addition, companies can provide private health insurance to their employees as a group with employer pay.
  • Companies aim to increase the motivation of their employees by getting group health insurance to cover the families of their employees. In addition, there are important discounts when you are asked to take out insurance as a group. Another advantage of taking out private health insurance to employees for corporations is that the private health insurance premiums paid can be reduced from tax.
  • Providing group health insurance for an employee himself and his family means they will be treated on time and in the best possible way. This means that the employee can overcome a long-term and financially distressed period without being harmed. For the employer, the rapid recovery of the employee will mean less labour loss, i.e. less disruption at work.
  • In addition, some insurance policies allow for group health insurance for retired employees, self-employed or people who have not been insured by their employers. In cases of illness and accident that is deemed emergency and are of vital danger, it is important to ensure that employees are assured ahead.
  • However, of course, when calculating the premiums to be claimed, the areas in which employees operate will be taken into account in terms of risk assessment. Inpatient and outpatient securities covered by group health insurance are the same as individual insurance. The scope of these guarantees includes emergency response, surgery, controls, tests, examination, and laboratory services.
  • All or part of these services may be used with or without limit according to the scope of the policy. We are creating a group of Health Insurance that suits your needs with different tariff and plan options.
  • Advantageous services
    Your company employees and their families can benefit from privileged and advantageous facilities through its extensive network of health institutions.
  • Tax advantage
    Your institution can benefit from tax benefits with OYAK Group (Re)Insurance Brokerage Group Health Insurance.


What's safe with Group Health Insurance?

OYAK Group (Re)Insurance Brokerage knows the importance of being responsible and we guarantee your employees. You can benefit from Group Health Insurance for your company employees and family members (spouses and children), and you can find solutions to all kinds of health problems of employees and their families with a privileged service by planning according to the common needs appropriate to your budget.

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