Insurance for The Logistics Sector

Freight Forwarder Liability (FFL) Insurance:

Professional liability insurance for Freight Forward companies, is an insurance that guarantees the legal liability and interest on the freight due to damages suffered by the other party or third parties of the contract, arising out of the failure, negligence or failure to show due diligence of the owner, cargo owner or tenant of the carrier vehicle, during the fulfillment of the obligations arising out of a service contract, he or his authorized employees.

Liability Insurance For Heavy Freight Carriers:

The carrier or transporter, whether a person or a company, may insure the cases that require its own responsibility. The coverage given here can be limited or all risks. Accordingly, to the given coverage Act of God events (such as earthquake, landslide, dew fall, flood waters, lightning), bridge collapse and theft, ducking, loading and unloading. In summary, such risks that require the sole responsibility of the carrier constitute the subject matter of this insurance.

Crane Operators Liability Insurance:

Crane Operators Liability Insurance covers the damages that may occur to the property of the customer of the crane operator and/or third parties themselves or property as a result of accidents that occur during the crane operations.

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