Insurance Specific To Other Sectors

Intellectual Property (IP) Insurance:

Within the limits of policy, it covers all the financial loss that may be incurred by the company in case of tipping-off/disclosure of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, registered designs, domain names, and in short, any company information required to be kept confidential.

Precious Metals Insurance:

This insurance covers precious goods such as gold, metals, gems, jewellery and cash etc. during the transport and storage by vessel, truck, plane or train. They are under coverage against the risks of fire, terror, earthquake, fidelity of employees and/or armed extortion and robbery.

Fine Arts Insurance:

  • Fine Arts Insurance taken out for private collections
  • Fine Arts Insurance taken out for museum and corporate collections
  • Fine Arts Insurance taken out for galleries and auction houses
  • Fine Arts Insurance taken out for exhibitions and transport

Film Insurances: 

  • Film Negatives Insurance
  • Absence of Actors/Actresses
  • Film Equipment Insurance
  • Film Objects Insurance 

Horse Life Insurance (For riding clubs):
“Horse Life Insurance” secures all thoroughbred horses (English thoroughbreds, Arabian horses, etc.), brood mares and stallions, foals, show jumping horses, performance horses, hobby and work horses, and ponies.

It includes coverage against any direct loss arising from death, any type of ordinary and infectious disease, any type of accident, wild animal mauling, heat stroke, frostbite, ingestion of hard and penetrating material, storm, lightning, earthquake or landslide, flood, fire, or explosion, and provides optional domestic transport, theft, travel and health coverage.

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