Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers damages that require compensation under the liability of the insured. Liability insurances are divided into two categories: optional and compulsory liability insurances.

A- Optional Liability Insurance

  • Third Party Liability Insurance:

It is a type of insurance that covers the liability of your company or it's employees for any physical and material damages that may be incurred by your company to third parties. It is a type of insurance designed to cover claims for damages arising from the loss or damage of property in the event of a possible accident due to the death, injury or disability of the person who is subject to the accident, as well as property belonging to third parties.

In this insurance product, the damages and losses made intentionally or deliberately, the claims made by the Insured Persons and family members connected to the service contract are excluded from the policy.

  • Employer Financial Liability Insurance:

It is an insurance product that covers the employer against the compensation claims made by your employees or their legal heir of the employees to your company for the responsibility of the employer in accidents that will occur at work. In addition, this insurance covers the claims filed by the SGK against the employer for work accident.

  • Product Liability Insurance:

It is insurance that covers damage to third parties or property during the use of products manufactured or offered by your business.

  • Product Recall Insurance:

Product Recall Insurance under Liability Insurance is a product with very important coverage. 

It is an insurance product covering any costs incurred as a result of a recall of products from the market due to any material loss and/or physical injury, whether actual and/or potential, arising from any unintentional degradation, destruction, labeling or design errors that may arise in the insured product during the production, distribution, or packaging phases.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance:

It provides coverage against the damage that may be caused by attorneys, architects, engineers and such professionals to third persons as a result of faults and/or unsatisfactory work while practicing in their field of specialization.

B- Compulsory Liability Insurances

  • Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance:

The environmental pollution coverage provided under Third Party Liability and Coastal Facilities Marine Pollution Compulsory Liability Insurance (only applicable to the marine scope of authority) policies is limited to coverage against sudden or accidental environmental pollution. In such case, gradual pollution is not covered. On the other hand, the Dangerous Goods and Dangerous Waste Compulsory Liability Insurance provides coverage against neither sudden and accidental nor gradual pollution, and any cleaning expenses that may incur high costs to the companies are not covered. In this policy specifically designed for enterprises, coverage is provided against sudden and accidental pollution, as well as gradual pollution.

  • Security Guard Liability Insurance:

It protects your company's security services against any damages that your employees may have to pay for damages to third parties in the course of their duties.

  • Hazardous Materials and Wastes Liability Insurance:

This insurance covers damages that may occur during the production, storage, transportation, sale and use of all types of flammable, explosive and burning substances owned by your company and the material and physical damages suffered by third parties without regard to defects in the events that may occur during the rendering of hazardous wastes harmless.

  • Coastal Facilities Sea Pollution Liability Insurance:

It is the insurance that protects the application costs related to the cleaning and disposal of pollution, damages arising from the injury and death of third parties and future damage to private property within the scope of the guarantee in a case of pollution in Türkiye's internal waters or territorial waters as a result of an incident in companies with coastal facilities.

This insurance covers the sudden and unexpected pollution. This insurance covers the pollution that occurs over time.

  • Compulsory Medical Malpractice Insurance:

This insurance provides insurance physicians, dentists and those who are experts in medicine according to the regulations, within the limits set out in the policy against claims for compensation made to them due to professional error while performing their professional activities and the legal defense expenses in this process and the reasonable expenses related to the claim for compensation to be determined in the event of a compensation decision within the period of the contract starting from the 10-year period before the date of the contract.

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