Human Resources Practices

The basis of our human resources practices is the value we give to our employees, so we aim to produce solutions that are consistent with the expectations of our employees.

We take care to balance the work-life relationship of our employees and to create a dynamic and creative work environment.

Fee and Fringe Benefit

A reference system has been established by evaluating the effectiveness and role of each task in the results of the company's activities on the basis of functional business families, taking into account knowledge-skills, problem solving and responsibility criteria with the aim of making wage/ career/ performance management work more effective. Each reference level is defined in full detail and the fee scales are determined. Pricing principles are implemented within the framework of this reference system.

Wage increases are carried out in January each year, taking into account employee performance, detailed sector wage surveys and the rate of inflation.

Private Health & Life Insurance

All our employees work within the scope of Social Security Institution. In addition, all our employees are covered by Private Group Health Insurance from the moment they start working. Also, Group Life and Personal Accident Insurance is provided to all our employees from the day they start working.

Private Pension Group Plan

Employees of our company may be included in the Group Private Pension System upon starting their duties on request. Our company contributes 3% of their net wages to our employees who are included in the pension system.

Personnel Shuttle

Shuttles are offered to the employees of the General Directorate.


The meal cards are loaded over the Daily Meal fee determined in that year taking into account the monthly working day of all our staff (General Directorate, branches).


Paid leave practices are implemented in accordance with the Labor Law and Personnel Regulations.

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