What is Complementary Health Insurance?

Complementary Health Insurance is a policy which valid in private hospitals which are SSI-contracted, and is provided by Insurance Companies with complementary health insurance contract (it is not a private health insurance contract, private health insurance contract is different from complementary health insurance contract). Complementary Health Insurance policy covers the expenses required for the treatment of the insured in case of disease and/or bodily injury caused by acccident during the policy term, just like private health insurance.

There are two types of complementary health insurance policies:

  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Inpatient+Outpatient Treatment

Note: There is not any policy which covers only outpatient treatments.

Inpatient Treatments: Expenses such as operation, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Dialysis, Dental Treatment due to Traffic Accident, Minimal Surgical Interventions, Emergency, Pre-op/Post-op Examination, Post-op Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation, Nursing at Home, Medical Equipment, Ambulance are covered by this policy according to payment rate. In complementary health insurance, inpatient treatments are 100% and limitless. It is not necessary to make any payment at insurance-contracted institutions.

Outpatient Treatments: Expenses containing advanced diagnosis methods such as examination, tests, MRI, X-Ray, Physical Treatment are covered by this policy depending on the specified amount (As the medicine and glasses expenses are covered by SSI, this policy does not include them). Amount (8-10) specified for the complementary health insurance are limitless within the same section. For example, the insured can have advanced diagnosis methods as much as s/he wants provided that it is with the same file, within 10 days. Only SSI contribution rate (right now it is 15 TL) is paid.

Note: Maternity is not covered by this policy except for exemptions.

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