Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is an advantageous life insurance that guarantees your company's employees and their families against the risks that may occur during their working period and aims to protect their living standards.

Group Life provides financial assurance to your employees against unexpected risks. With Group Life Insurance, you can provide financial security to your employees and their families against unexpected situations such as death, disability, critical illness.

All employees between the ages of 18 and 65 can be covered by the policy.

At least 10 employees must be insured.

The term of insurance is 1 year. The insurance policy is optionally renewed every year.


Your employees are covered by OYAK Group (Re)Insurance Brokerage against the risk of death.

Additional Securities: Upon request, additional securities written below may be provided.

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Disability Due to Accident
  • Permanent Disability Due to Disease
  • Treatment Expenses due to Accident 
  • Accidental Loss Of Weekly Income 
  • Critical Diseases 
  • Earthquake
  • Assistant (assistance) Service

Tax Advantage:

For employers, premiums paid under this insurance can be deducted from the tax basis. The personal insurance premiums paid by the serviceman to the employee, her/his spouse and children can be deducted from the tax base in such a way that they do not exceed 15% of the gross wage in the month they are paid and the annual amount of the minimum wage. For more detailed information, visit the web-site of Revenue Administration of the Ministry of Finance at

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