Health Insurance

Private health insurance covers the treatment expenses in the event that the insured gets sick and/or injured due to an accident during the policy term.

Private health insurance is divided into two main branches: 

  • Inpatient Treatment,
  • Inpatient+Outpatient Treatment,

Inpatient Treatments: Operation, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Dialysis, Dental Treatment as a result of Accident, Minimal Surgical Interventions, Emergency Interventions, Pre-op/Post-op Examination, Post-op Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation, Nursing at Home, Medical Equipment, Ambulance expenses are covered by this policy according to the payment rate. Also, if abroad treatment is included, the treatments to be received abroad are covered.

Inpatients treatment: Expenses of advanced diagnostic procedures such as examination, Tests, MRI, X-Ray, Medicine, Physical Treatment are covered by this policy according to the specified payment rate. 

In addition, additional securities such as Delivery, Check-up, Dental treatment, and Glasses can be included depending on the insurance company and product.

If you want to get benefit from the privilege of not paying any difference for examination tests and treatment expenses in Social Security Institution (SSI)-contracted private hospitals, you should get a “Complementary Health Insurance” now!

Complementary Health Insurance covers the different charges to be paid for every healthcare service received within the scope of General Health Insurance in SSI-contracted private healthcare institutions.

Because Complementary Health Insurance;

  • provides you to benefit from healthcare services within the scope of SSI in a privileged way with premium rates less than Private Health Insurance.

There is a pre-condition to get benefit from Complementary Health Insurance: the insured should have a General Health Insurance policy under SSI. 

In addition;

  • Individuals who reside in Turkey and do not have a disease history of one of the diseases in the risk group between 15 days – 55 years, however, the insured does not have to be necessarily Turkish citizen,
  • Children between the ages of 6 – 17 provided that the insurant is over 18 years old.
  • Children between 15 days – 5 years (included) with at least one parent.

Complementary Health Insurance covers inpatient-outpatient and delivery expenses.

Inpatient Treatments

Outpatient Treatments

Delivery Security


  • Family discount
  • Individual group discount

Waiting Period and Policy Progress Payment: Insurance companies may exempt the diseases which are present before the date of the policy and may keep some diseases out of the scope of the policy. It means that insurance companies keep the diseases that are present before the date of the policy out of the scope of the company. In addition, diseases such as hernia, spinal diseases, cyst, anorectal disorders, uterine and ovarian disorders, tonsil and adenoid disorders, nasal polyps, joint disorders, prostate, varicose, kidney, and urinary system disorders and thyroid gland, which are stated in exemption notes, have an incubation period, and are unknown to the individual before will be kept out of the scope of the policy provided that they develop within one year. Therefore, the scope of private health insurance policies is depending on the declaration of the individual. For this reason, the insured should provide correct and reliable information for her/his own sake. In case of failing to provide correct information, the insurance company will have the right to terminate the policy or to collect the additional premium.

Delivery Waiting Period: It is a provision that sets forth that the insured or the spouse should not get pregnant for generally 1 year; however this period varies depending on the company. In plans having Pregnancy and Delivery Coverage, the insured should not get pregnant as of the date when the policy term starts to be able to meet the expenses covered by the policy for pregnancy. Pregnancy Progress Payment is calculates based on the Last Menstruation Date. Pregnancies that are present on the date the policy starts or which starts during the waiting period are not covered by the policy.

Life-Long Renewal Guarantee: It is the right provided by the insurance companies to their insured, provided that it does not exceed specified damage/premium after three or four years (it depends) in the event that, the individual is insured for the first time. An insured having Life-Long Renewal Guarantee does not encounter any exemption, additional premium, limit in the event that disease is developed as of the date of the right. Also, s/he has the right to renew the policy as desired. Therefore, it will be more beneficial for individuals to have private health insurance during health time due to potential risks.

Contracted/Non-Contracted Institution: The insured can get direct provision (approval) in the specified payment rate is s/he prefers one of the insurance company’s contracted institution. In the event that the insured prefers non-contracted institutions, if the invoices are paid by the insured, it is possible to submit the invoices to the insurance company and get recourse. Therefore, it will be for the benefit of the insured to research fort he contracted institutions.

To open the Policy for Provision and Payment: The private health insurance policy will be activated upon the collection of the first down payment. The insurance is not started unless the first premium is paid and the provision will be closed if there is a premium debt. Also, it is possible to get a tax return by stating an amount in the amount of annual tax basis for policies as tax.


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