Things you should know

  • The most important thing that one should be aware of when buying a Motor Own Damage Insurance is that price quotations by an insurer vary depending on the model of the car. The main reason underlying price differences is that an insurer issues a policy based on statistical figures in its own database. Therefore, a reasonable price that you get from a specific insurer for a different brand/ model may not be so for your other vehicles. Therefore, in OYAK Group (Re)Insurance Brokerage, we offer the most convenient policy for you.
  • Another matter in Motor Own Damage Insurance is whether car accessories are covered by policy. An insurer considers the status of a vehicle at the time of leaving the factory when issuing Motor Own Damage Insurance. Therefore, whether accessories are automatically covered without any extra mention depends on if they are included in a standard equipment package when the car leaves the factory. If those accessories are not among standard equipment package, then they are to be stated on the policy for inclusion in the insured’s insurance.
  • The “Optional Financial Liability Insurance”, supplemental coverage for Motor Own Damage Insurance, covers all damages that your vehicle may cause to other vehicles or individuals. For those damages over the traffic insurance coverage, the damages are indemnified within the limits of “Optional Financial Liability Insurance”.

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