First, Motor Own Damage Insurance owner should contact his contractual insurer at the latest within 5 business days following the date on which he becomes aware of the damage.

  • If the insured vehicle is stolen and investigations by relevant entities to find the car proves to be futile within 30 days, a letter will be taken from the relevant entity, confirming that the car could not be found, you must contact the insurer to get your outstanding payment. In case the car is found following the payment, the insured is obliged to immediately inform the insurer in this respect. In such case, the insured may reclaim his car by refunding the indemnity collected by it or transfers the ownership of the vehicle to the insurer.
  • If the insured’s vehicle sustains damage that falls within the scope of its Motor Own Damage Insurance coverage, “Transportation expenses coverage ” (In-city taxi travels or leased cars expenses during a reasonable repair time) and “Work stoppage coverage ” (Lost profits by commercial taxicabs during such repair time) may be ensured by paying extra premiums subject to defined limits. 

No claim bonus

  • No claim bonus is one of the frequently asked questions with respect to Motor Own Damage Insurance.  While no claim bonus rates vary from insurer to insurer, they are offered depending on the driver. In this respect, if the insurer wishes to replace the car used by it, it insured reserves his no-claim bonus right. If the insured wishes to change his insurer, his right is once again reserved. However, a no-claim bonus rate will be the one set by the insurer chosen by the insured.
  • Which circumstances do not cut off the no-claim bonus? There are situations according to an insurer’s own policies that do not cut off the no-claim bonus process. If the other party is 100% faulty in the accident, your no-claim bonus will not be cut off. Apart from this, you can maintain your no-claim bonus without cut-off by using mini coverage to avoid any minor damages.

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