Accident Report

  • What is an accident report; how is it completed?

An accident report may be defined as an official protocol executed upon the settlement of parties in case a minimum of two vehicles is involved in an accident with material damages. For an accident report, there should be physical damage in the accident. Parties to the accident should record the way the accident happened in the accident report to be issued by them. It is really very important in case both parties state the accident in their respective accident reports from their point of view. In case of a traffic accident with physical damage, parties to the accident need to issue a joint accident report in order to record the situation. This accident matters very much for the insurance procedures and both parties to the accident are required to submit a written statement of their opinions.

  • Documents required under the accident report

Each party to the traffic accident should apply to the insurer which has issued the Compulsory Traffic Insurance policy of the other party or which has issued his Comprehensive Motor Own Damage Insurance and he should also submit the following documents:

  • Copy of the policy
  • Traffic Accident Report for physical damage
  • Pictures, if any, taken at the scene of an accident
  • Copies of driving licenses of the drivers and vehicle certificates. 

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  • In which circumstances is an Accident Report not issued?

In a traffic accident with physical damages, an accident report should be strictly issued. However, no accident report is needed for physical damages in certain specific situations.

No accident report with material damages WILL BE COMPLETED in the following circumstances.

  • If the driver has been using the car without a driving license or if the driving license falls short of the level required for the motor vehicle he uses
  • If the driver’s age is not qualified
  • If the driver is suspected of alcohol-consuming or mental disorders,
  • If one or two of the vehicles in the accident belongs to public institutions.
  • If damage to a public institution property occurs
  • If the traffic accident results in damage to properties of third parties only, 
  • If either or several of the vehicles involved in the accident are lacking traffic insurance (a Greencard Certificate issued for vehicles from abroad may be used as traffic insurance),
  • If the traffic accident has resulted in death and/ or bodily injury.

In circumstances where you may not complete a Traffic Accident Report with Physical Damage following a traffic accident due to the reasons above, you are required to take the following actions:

  • You should call traffic police without changing the positions of the vehicles in the scene of the accident, keep an accident protocol and get a no-alcohol report.
  • If the scene of the accident is within the jurisdiction of the gendarme, you should immediately contact a nearby gendarme station and a “Scene of Accident Report” should be issued.
  • If there is another vehicle involved in the accident, you should get a copy of the traffic policy for that vehicle and a copy of its driver’s driving license and vehicle license. 
  • If the vehicle is not in operating condition and your Motor Own Damage Insurance offers assistance service coverage, you should call Assistance Company for a tow truck.

Where it is possible, pictures of vehicles should be taken at different angles before they are removed from the scene of the accident. One copy of each report plus the pictures should be submitted to the insurer, which has issued the traffic insurance policy of the other party or your own vehicle, or where the indemnity is to be claimed under the Motor Own Damage Insurance, to the insurer, which has issued your car’s Motor Own Damage Insurance policy.

Following the accident protocol procedures, you have to make sure that your car is towed to a contracted or authorized service dealer. 

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