Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance provides coverage against potential damage to your company's machines. In the event of potential damage to your machines, which are based on production, it ensures that your company's operations will be disrupted and stopped.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance Coverage:

  • Operating accidents (maintenance errors, improper handling, lubrication defects, etc.)
  • Risks arising from personnel or third party (negligence, carelessness, etc.)
  • Defects in model, manufacturing, assembly, material, mold, casting and workmanship
  • Environmental causes (storm, frost incident, walking of thawed ice fragments, etc.)
  • Electrical and atmospheric events (short circuit, spark, high voltage and induction, insulation errors)
  • Centrifugal-induced fragmentation
  • Lack of water in steam boilers and containers
  • Sudden overheating and cooling
  • Blockage or entry of foreign substances

Additional Coverages:

  • Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion, Lockout, Malicious Damage, Terrorism
  • Over Time Night work and express freight
  • Foundations and bases of machines
  • Loss of profit due to machine breakdown


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