Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)

The commitment of companies to electronic equipment at every point in their field of activity also presents a need for the protection of these devices. In this context, Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI) is the insurance that provides protection against the risks of electronic machinery, installation and information processing systems that are necessary for the continuity of the activities of the companies.

Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI) Coverage:

  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Effects of short circuit, high voltage and induction current
  • Fire
  • Lightning, explosion, internal flooding
  • Natural disasters such as storm, flood, landslide, land collapse
  • Risks arising from personnel or third party (negligence, carelessness, etc.)
  • Faulty design and material
  • Any risk that are not excluded

Additional Coverages:

The loss and damage caused by the following conditions are excluded from the insurance coverage. However, below articles may can be included additionally with specified limits.

  • Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion, Lockout, Malicious Damage, Terrorism
  • Over Time Night work and express freight
  • Loss and damage as a result of physical damage to the external information environment, including magnetic disk, tape, card and plain text forms and so on, including information recorded in electronic computing systems (storage)
  • An increase in work and work costs arising from the use of an alternative asset instead of the insured asset which is damaged due to the reasons covered by the guarantee
  • Loss and damage to valves and tubes


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