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What situations does TCIP Insurance cover?

The state is the institution that provides the guarantee of TCIP Insurance. TCIP Insurance is an insurance policy created to cover losses incurred as a result of an earthquake, fire or explosion caused by an earthquake.

What is the guarantee limit of TCIP Insurance?

The TCIP policy covers damages up to 150.000 TL, but if the resulting damage or the rebuilding value of the house is higher, you complete where the TCIP policy is missing by taking out housing insurance and you provide full protection.

How Is The Policy Price Determined In TCIP Insurance?

According to the TCIP Insurance tariff and instructions issued by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, the insurance price is determined according to two main variables in the determination. These three variables are, respectively, the gross area of the dwelling, the building style, the earthquake risk zone where the building is located.

Which Buildings Are Covered By TCIP Insurance?

In accordance with the law on disaster insurance No. 6305, the buildings defined below are insured:

  • According to Decree Law No. 587, independent sections (including common places) under Property Law No. 634),
  • Buildings built as house on land and lands registered to the deed and subject to private ownership,
  • Independent departments located within these buildings and used for commercial, office and similar purposes,
  • Due to natural disasters, residents who are built or given credit by the state have to build.


Are common areas covered by TCIP Insurance?

  • Building foundation
  • Bearing system; columns and beams
  • Main Walls
  • Walls separating independent sections
  • Stairs, pitches and corridors
  • Elevators
  • Ceilings and floors

are covered by TCIP Insurance.

Is the cost of the land within the scope of TCIP?

The land share right of the insured is not included in the value of the house.

What should I do when I have damage under TCIP Insurance?

After the earthquake, you should contact the 125 Alo TCIP Call Center to inform them of the damage.

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