December 2020

OYAK Group (Re)Insurance Brokerage, an OYAK Finance Group company, received the license as of April 2020 to conduct business as an authorized broker at Lloyd’s, the world's leading and longest-standing insurance and reinsurance market. Currently, only 335 brokers out of nearly 300,000 operating in global markets have obtained such a license. OYAK Group Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc. met all of Lloyd’s criteria for obtaining a license, becoming one of very few brokers to be accepted by this venerable institution.

OYAK Group Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc. not only acquired the right to directly access a global insurance expertise pool as a Lloyd's Broker, but also strengthened its position among global players as an authorized broker of Lloyd's. Mr. Sertan İpek, General Manager of OYAK Group Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc., expressed the firm's satisfaction with becoming a member of this highly esteemed organization, an affiliation that is sought by many companies engaged in brokerage business, saying: “OYAK Group (Re)Insurance Brokerage took firm steps when entering the insurance sector in 2017, and today we remain committed to achieving our goal of being the best and most reliable insurance and reinsurance brokerage company in the sector. This affiliation has further strengthened our presence among global players. The brand value of our group, our solid and established reputation, and our investments in Türkiye and across the world were all vital to the process of obtaining admittance to Lloyd’s. The achievements of OYAK Group (Re)Insurance Brokerage, which were made possible within a short period of time, our professional management staff and team members, our business plan, and our fulfillment of financial criteria have brought us to the forefront during this process. The support shown for our application by insurance companies within Lloyd's also helped us become a new member of this valued institution.”

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