Complementary Health Insurance

If you want to take advantage of the privilege of having the private health institutions contracted by the Social Security Institution (SSI) to make examinations and treatment expenses without paying the difference, you should have "complementary health insurance" right now!

What is Complementary Health Insurance?

Complementary Health Insurance provides that the difference fees you pay for each health service covered by General Health Insurance (GSS) in private health institutions contracted by SSI are covered by this policy instead of you.

Why Should You Have Complementary Health Insurance?

Because Complementary Health Insurance

  • Allows you to benefit from the health services covered by the SGK in a privileged way with much lower premiums than private health insurance premiums.

Who can benefit from it?

There is a prerequisite to benefit from complementary health insurance; the insured must be entitled to GSS in SSI status.

In addition,

  • Persons residing in Türkiye without the condition of being a citizen of T.R. and who have not suffered 1 risk group of diseases between 15 days and 55 years of age within the scope of SSI,
  • Children between 6-17 years of age alone with the condition that the insurant is 18 years of age and over,
  • Children between 15 days and 5 years of age (including), with at least 1 parent.

What does Complementary Health Insurance cover?

Complementary health insurance covers inpatient and outpatient treatments and maternity expenses.

Inpatient Treatments

Outpatient Treatments

Maternity Coverage



  • Family discount
  • Individual Group discount

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