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You can view your membership information, get information about the Social Services that you had benefited, make calculations and update your contact info on OYAK Mobile App.

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OYAK Platform created exclusively for OYAK members and their families is active now. See the contracted healthcare providers of OSP on OYAK Platform.

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OYAK Health Platform

What is OYAK Health Platform?

OYAK Health Platform (OSP) is a service developed to enable our members and their families to access healthcare services more economically. Within the scope of this platform, OYAK members and their loved ones can benefit from the healthcare services of contracted providers with discount.

OYAK Health Platform provides discounts to OYAK members and their first degree relatives in inpatient treatments, outpatient treatments and physical examinations. These discounts are made on the amount remaining after deducting the Social Security Institution share in Social Security Institution contracted private hospitals and on the list price in others.

Who can benefit from OYAK Health Platform?

Members and their first degree relatives (spouse, parents and child/children) can benefit from the service. The participation is subject to application. Application is free of charge. The members are required to apply for their first degree relatives (spouse, parents and child/children) besides themselves.

There is no age/marital status limitation for the children of the members. There is no limit for the number of relatives provided that they are all first degree relatives (spouse, parents and child/children).

How can one apply to OYAK Health Platform?

Members, who want to benefit from OYAK Health Platform, can apply to the service through

  • OYAK website / Online Member Services section,
  • OYAK mobile app / OYAK Health Platform menu,
  • OYAK Platform website (www.oyakplatform.com.tr) - mobile app / Registration page, or
  • by sending OYAK Health Platform Application Form to OYAK by mail.

When you add yourself and your loved ones to OYAK Platform, you will be registered automatically to OYAK Health Platform.

How does OYAK Health Platform work?

  • Members or their first degree relatives* go to the contracted healthcare provider of OYAK Health Platform, and a file is opened.
  • During this process, Turkish Identity Number is provided.
  • This number is used to ask OYAK to confirm the discount right.
  • After confirmation, OYAK's exclusive discounted price is given and the payment is made based on this amount.

When you receive such a discounted service from OYAK Contracted Healthcare Providers within the scope of OYAK Health Platform, a "Service Scheme" may be requested from the respective provider. This document includes both the list price and the discounted price of the received service.

Contracted Providers in Oyak Platform

Contracted Healthcare Providers OYAK Platform members may learn about the contracted healthcare providers from the OYAK Health Platform (OSP) menu on OYAK Platform website/mobile app.

  • They can conduct a search based on city, district or hospital thanks to the detailed search options.
  • They can easily see the health institutions that they are looking for by choosing one of the provided categories such as Maternity, Dental and In-Vitro Fertilization Services.
  • Appointments can be made to the selected private healthcare provider using the OSP Appointment Service.
  • They can directly call the OSP Hotline from the mobile app.

With OYAK Platform Mobile App and oyakplatform.com.tr website, you can easily benefit from OYAK Health Platform, Education Discounts, exclusive insurance packages of Group Companies, Renault discounts, investment opportunities and many other services together with your family."

Who should I get in touch with for OYAK Health Platform service?

More information is provided regarding this service from the below given contact information so that the members and their loved ones can benefit from the discount rates easily and effectively at private healthcare institutions included in the OYAK Health Platform, receive immediate response in case of a situation requiring more information or a problem requiring urgent solution.

OYAK Health Platform Service Contacts

OYAK Health Platform Hotline : 0 212 306 00 88

OYAK Health Platform Customer Services : oyaksaglikplatformu@cgm.com