OYAK Group and Its Subsidiaries

OYAK, which carries out all of its activities within the scope of the Law Numbered 205, serves as a second-line supplementary occupational pension fund. OYAK, which is subject to the provisions of the private law, is an autonomous financial and managerial social security institution and manages its members' savings for efficiency and profitability purposes.

OYAK, the largest private pension fund in Türkiye, operates as a life insurance company and also as a credit institution in terms of the services and products it provides to its members.

OYAK, whose main goals are to contribute to its members at the highest level and to provide services with high added value, evaluates its assets with financial and subsidiary investments in order to achieve these goals.

For detailed information: https://www.oyak.com.tr/home-page/


OYAK Group consists of nearly 90 companies in the Mining Metallurgy, cement concrete paper, Energy, Chemistry, finance, automotive and logistics sectors spread across 7 geographical regions of Türkiye and operating in 19 countries abroad.

According to 2021 consolidated results, OYAK's total revenues reached TL 139 billion and total assets reached TL 296 billion, while total exports of USD 4.9 billion alone accounted for 2.5% of Türkiye's exports in 2021.

OYAK Group provides an increasing amount of added value to the Turkish economy through its production, sales, exports and taxes it pays, and supports economic development.

OYAK Group Companies: https://www.oyak.com.tr/oyak-group-companies/fields-of-activity/

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